Mastermind Your Life Book Cover
Author Bill Blalock continues his Legacy Series with MASTERMIND YOUR LIFE, the most comprehensive book on defining success, sustaining transformational leadership, career development and the impact of technology today and in the future. Bill provides valuable resources and content from some of the leading experts in professional development to assist the reader in achieving ultimate success in their careers and personal lives. This book will challenge you to be mindful of the opportunities you have before you and how to maximize your potential, so they become reality!

A Valuable Resource!

A comprehensive book on success, career and leadership development. This is a book to be savored as a guide for people at all ages and stages of life, both in their personal and professional lives. The author should be commended for consolidating research and his own life experience to create this valuable resource and guide.

December 26, 2022

Excellent, quick paced, life planning overview

The purpose of this book seems to be to provide a ton of content very quickly both encouraging and equipping a person, especially a young adult, to set out on purposeful life planning. It’s about 10 books rolled into one. I don’t think the author’s intent is to get very deep on any single point, but rather to show you how to think about all of your professional life choices. I intend to give this book to young adults I know that are preparing to begin their professional life. Plan and execute purposefully.

April 3, 2023

Resource of wisdom for today’s confusing world – a “sherpa guide” perspective on life’s journey

I’m a voracious reader of business and personal development books, and this one is a winner. This is a real resource for people who are facing the uncertain world we live in today, a “sherpa guide” perspective that most will find insightful, but for different reasons.

The author starts with a helpful look at what “success” is (for you as an individual, not society’s “definition”) and takes the reader through a pragmatic and step-by-step orientation to the job interview process, and how to determine if a company is actually a good fit. This is, by itself, a good reason for young people to read this book. I suspect many people in the middle of their careers would find this helpful as well – knowing yourself and how your goals (might or might not) match up with a company can be a difficult task to unpack, since it is a complex topic to consider.

The author also introduces the idea of a “mastermind” group, essentially a number of people who can help keep the individual on track and serve as mentors and sounding boards while on the journey of life. This is a helpful idea that I have personally used – but not using the label of “mastermind”. Again, young people (and many in the middle of their careers) may not appreciate the wisdom of having guidance like this. Establishing your own personal brand is good advice in today’s world.

The book also takes a good look at the future, and how technology will change not only careers but the world we live in. It is a platitude to say that technology is changing everything, and certainly many are seeing their personal lives change as a result. What is particularly important here is how the author gives perspective about important and fast evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, the meta verse and others. He also ties these developments to how people need to be thinking ahead and preparing for a world that is changing exponentially. After all, the world is changing faster than it ever has before and having a “sherpa guide” for the journey helps deal with the uncertainty.

Kelly Moye
January 4, 2023
Living Your Legacy NOW! Book Cover
Second Edition of my Best Selling Book with Archway Publishing, a Division of Simon & Schuster!

LIVING YOUR LEGACY NOW! contains more than 60 “life lessons” on topics ranging from personal goals to managing stress to mindfulness that will help you create a positive life experience, leading to a higher probability of success in your personal and professional life. The book inspires and challenges you to be consciously aware of how you make decisions so that you can achieve the best outcome.

Powerful Reminders

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a collection of the common situations we experience every day, along with sturdy, insightful guidance on navigating in thoughtful, productive ways. It would make a wonderful gift for someone going through a life transition or for yourself to use as a daily devotional for self-improvement.

Barbara Berkowitz
December 27, 2022

Best read of 2022!

I initially used this book more as a daily devotional – choosing a random chapter and allowing myself time to reflect on the enlightening and incredibly helpful messages. After a book club meeting and discussion by the author, i decided to read the book from cover to cover. I couldn’t put this book down as I embarked, it seemed, on the authors inspirational life journey. The book serves as a constant reminder that we can truly live our legacy now! It is an easy read that is full of inspirational examples and many thought provoking quotes. I can’t wait to share Living Your Legacy Now with friends and family!

December 16, 2022

insightful ,helpful,easy to understand and follow

A good guidebook for living a more fulfilling life and meaningful life, I highly recommend to anybody who wishes to make positive changes in their life

Bing Zong
November 20, 2022

This is a very special book that can impact your life!

The author did an excellent job in compiling this book with so many life lessons and that’s the way it is organized. From the contents page, you will see something like “What’s Living All About?” to “Dealing with Disappointment”. Each one of us must have faced different challenges and situations in life where we wish we have a wise guy to consult or talk to. The author is that wise voice. You will find a lot of wisdom and perspective in this book. The best part about the book is that each life lesson is not too long or too short. So if one particular one doesn’t resonate with you, just keep reading and I’m sure you will soon find something that’s relatable to you very quickly! I think this is a perfect gift to buy for friends in some tough times or just for some self improvement. I love this book!

Greg Estermyer
November 15, 2021

Virtue Inspiring

Living Your Legacy Now is a collection of life’s lessons, easy reading and virtue inspiring. Many young students may benefit from reading Living Your Legacy Now as they move into adulthood and start their careers.

October 7, 2021

Wonderful Book

Am loving the “journey” with this book!

Jo L.
June 27, 2021