June 26, 2018

Bill Blalock



“Inspiration is the ultimate key to motivation resulting in a new product, service or better personal outcome. True motivation always comes from within.” … Bill Blalock

We are an age of reality tv, fast paced media ads and conferences that are fueled with energizing music, comedy and uplifting sound bites of encouragement.   What does that result in? Simply stated, entertainment!   Think for a moment after you have experienced any of the situations I have sited. Did it make a difference in your life? Or, was it really a moment in time that you felt extremely good, confident and happy. The endorphin’s kicked in, we physically felt great. And then we realize that what we experienced was a moment in time that we remember, but it really didn’t change anything in our life. Why is that?

You see, you heart wasn’t in it. Sure, you enjoyed it. But, that was the extent of the experience. What you are lacking is heart felt inspiration in what you hear that correlates to what you truly believe in and what to accomplish in your life and career.

Example: If you work for a company that you truly believe in its products, mission statement and values, you will be much more inclined to put forth your best to be successful. You and your company and its products and services you believe in! It makes a difference. You not only meet your position expectations, but often exceed them and are compensated for those accomplishments.

Everyone needs to find that opportunity. For those of you who continually seek to just get a job and make more money without an attachment to the company that you work for, you will not be as successful as you hope.

When you make the right connection, your level of inspiration will result in true heat felt motivation. Not just an entertaining moment which is “external motivation”, but a lasting change that is internalized and inspired for greatness and success!