August 1, 2018

Bill Blalock



“If you experience that feeling of being in a rut in your life, then something’s not right. A lot of people who feel that way don’t take the time to say, ‘O.K., well, what am I doing? Is that what I want to be doing? What is it making me feel this way?’ You have to identify what specifically is making you feel stuck.” … Joy Mangano

Why is it that some people, possibly even you, never seem to make a change in their life or career? What are you afraid of? Probably, uncertainty. Is the change a calculated, educated risk or is it just an emotional reaction to an unpleasant situation that we want to change. All to often, it is “ALL THE ABOVE” We just want some form of guarantee that whatever decision we make, will be the right one. We are afraid to fail or disappoint someone that we are close to.

Can I be honest with you? You will never make progress in your life if you are not willing to take risks every now and then. By that I mean, an educated well thought out decision. Where you know all the facts as best you can assimilate on what the change could bring to your life. In that process of gathering facts, assess the positives and negatives of such a decision. Consider the results of change you have seen in the lives of your friends and family members when they made similar decisions.   All things considered, and the anticipated outcome looks more positive than negative, make your move!

When you cross that barrier of fear and enter a new opportunity for change, you will probably experience relief and a new sense of purpose in your life. It is worth a try! Personally, I have crossed that barrier many times in my life, and the results have been more than I had ever imagined. Sure, some did not turn out 100% as I hoped, but I learned along the way and made better choices.

Ready to get out of your rut?