October 13, 2018

Bill Blalock



“I try to live my life where I end up at a point where I have no regrets. So I try to choose the road that I have the most passion on because then you can never really blame yourself for making the wrong choices. You can always say you’re following your passion.”… Darren Aronofsky

They say that the number 13 is a bad number. OK! So be it. So here is what I am going to share with you. I have gone over countless listings of “things you’ll regret when you’re older,” and I have settled on just 13 for this blog. Here goes:

  1. Being scared to do things. – Looking back on your life, what was I so afraid of? What is my comfort zone?
  2. Failing to make physical fitness a priority. –As you look back in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, what happened? The older you get, the harder it is to get the lbs. off and get yourself in good shape. You could be healthier and happier!
  3. Not quitting a terrible job. – Improve your self! When it’s not fun anymore, move on! Don’t wake up one day and realize I have wasted my opportunities for happiness and professional development.
  4. Being afraid to say, “I love you.” – Enough said here!
  5. Caring too much about what other people think. – In 20+ years you won’t give a darn about any of those other people you once worried so much about.
  6. Supporting other’s dreams over your own. – Supporting others is good, BUT, you need to reach your own goals!
  7. Holding grudges, especially with those you love. – What’s the point? The outcome is never good.
  8. Not standing up for yourself. – Old people don’t take “crap” from other people. Why should you?
  9. Working too much. – How about more time with family, friends and personal hobbies.
  10. Failing to finish what you start. – Never give up! You could miss a great opportunity!
  11. Not spending enough time with loved ones. – We don’t live forever. Make time!
  12. Not taking the time to develop contacts and networks. – Networking brings about opportunity and the potential for prosperity.
  13. Not being grateful sooner. – Remember, life is a gift. Be thankful every day and appreciate others in your life.

SO, what are you going to do?