November 28, 2018

Bill Blalock



“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory” … Mahatma Gandhi

I strongly believe in staying the course when you set out to achieve something in your life. Many people give up to soon. It’s been said that when we do not see immediate results or feel we have not contributed in a short period of time, we get discouraged and give up. Does this describe you? Time for enlightenment!

Here are some points of reflection:

Need knowledge, you don’t go to a Library, you GOOGLE! To connect, we find ourselves using social media – texting instead of talking. We love being ‘Liked” and when not acknowledged or are “Unfriended, “we are upset and, in some cases, become depressed.  Social media has become the addiction of the 21st Century. We thrive on Dopamine, that feel good drug in your body when we get positive messages ,Likes  and various  “emoji’s”!  Devices + media are the basis of connecting – BUT, not the foundation for meaningful relationships.

Impatience rules. We want instant gratification! Only one big problem. We need to learn and nurture social coping mechanisms in order to get out of life what we desire!

Young people grow up with their parents telling them they are “special” and can do anything. They can have anything they want. Recognition is given for mindless achievements. Then they leave home and discover:

  • They are not special
  • Parents can’t help them as before
  • They can’t have something just because they want it!

So, there are two things that take time and may never be realized on the level of “instant gratification”!



Both areas take time to develop and flourish!  Where are you on these two life topics?

It is hard work to have a successful and satisfying career and  meaningful, nurturing relationships. We must develop our own personality and style, be committed to excellence in our professions and get to really know people on a one to one basis rather than just as casual acquaintances and/or texting.

You don’t always have to be “Liked” or “Friended”, but you do need to “LIKE YOURSELF AND BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND!”

Something to think about!