March 5, 2019

Bill Blalock



“The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority” … Ken Blanchard

Do you have the capacity to influence someone’s character development, or behavior of someone or something? Of course, you do! It will either be a positive or a negative impact on an individual, organization or company. To achieve the best outcome, we should always seek a positive outcome. Here are some suggestions on how you can increase your influence:

  1. Connect with people emotionally. Be emotionally curious. When you are interested in other people, it makes them feel important and they are more receptive to your message. Connecting with others also stimulates brain activity. Dopamine stimulates the pleasure -reward area of the brain. Others connect with your message and they feel good!
  2. Use high powered body language. Be direct but not overpowering. Move close in to the other person physically, but do not violate “their space”.
  3. Tell a story. Others love to hear about an event or experience that they can relate to.
  4. Be open but cautiously vulnerable to others. People can relate to others that are open emotionally and transparent. They can actually “feel” what you are communicating and relate to the emotional connection.
  5. Build networks and alliances that reflect your professional ability to communicate effectively.
  6. Become charismatic! You must make others feel good. Its not about you, it’s about them!

The key should always be to achieve a successful and positive outcome. Seeking to achieve the best will overshadow those who’s intent is to promote a negative influence on others. Never forget, you can make a difference! What will you choose to do?