June 14, 2019

Bill Blalock



“The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability” … Simon Mainwaring

Structure, transparency and accountability are not an option. They complement each other in a successful work environment and in professional organizations. Each person has a role to play. With that role goes certain responsibilities that must be taken seriously. When we are not held accountable, we don’t reach and achieve success. Remember:

  1. Don’t commit unless you have the time and bandwidth. Never commit just because you want to impress or to elevate yourself above others. If you achieve success in your undertaking, you will be recognized and rewarded.
  2. Make sure you have the skills and resources to do what you must achieve. Admit from the outset your deficiencies and seek to fill those with additional learnings and the input from trusted colleagues who will share in your success.
  3. Set a realistic timeline. If the deadline is set for you, test the probability of success based on the expectations of others. Adjust your resources and tasks to meet the expectation. If it is totally unrealistic from your evaluation and input from others, make your case for an adjustment in the deliverable date. Building an effective case in order to achieve success indicates good professional insight. If there is no flexibility and the task is critical, based on your case evaluation, ask for additional resources to achieve the desired result. Ask! Remember, you want to win!
  4. Manage your time effectively. Time lost can never be reclaimed. Every minute counts! Organize your priorities accordingly [ personally and professionally].
  5. Failure is never an option. Keep your mindset on achievement. Never be overconfident Remember, you are either your “best friend” or your “worst enemy”! Test the results desired, then complete the project/goal or submit the proposal requested.
  6. As always, never start what you cannot finish. Others are holding you “accountable” to the task at hand and they depend on you to deliver.

Are you accountable to yourself as well as others?