July 14, 2019

Bill Blalock



“A good name is to be more desired than great wealth, favor is better than silver and gold.” …Proverbs 22:1 [New American Standard Bible]

Here is an idea so quaint and antiquated that it makes sense: Your name is valuable. Don’t run out and try to sell it on eBay. It may not have that sort of worth. Instead, the value of your name is in direct proportion to your character. The formula is quite simple to sketch but extremely difficult to attain:

“Good character = good name; bad character = bad name.”

The Value of a Good Name

We receive a name at birth and then spend our lives attaching meaning to it. Remember, you are your parents son or daughter! The success of a man or woman who carry their family name with dignity, reflects what they perceive your character to be!

We all know people who have built great value around their names. If you mention the name, people will remember something about that person’s character. The opposite is also true.

How to Achieve a Good Name

So how do we achieve a good name? We do so by choosing righteous behavior over wicked action. Practice the positive values you were raised with. Live a life that is open and generous! If you have made mistakes in your past or you are presently struggling with making changes in your life, observe those who you look up to and follow their lead.  Seek wise counsel, practice the positive values you have learned and move forward with you life.

Achieving a good name also happens when we are careful with the reputation of others.  Ask yourself:

Can I be trusted?  Am I dependable, fair and compassionate? Am I consistently seeking truth and the best solution to the challenges I encounter?

How to Keep a Good Name

So, you have worked hard to develop a good name. How do you keep it?
We keep a good name by remembering who we are. Always check your motives in the decisions you make.  Seek the best course of action so that everyone wins!  Love and live life to the fullest!

People who forget this fact cause chaos in their lives and in society at large.

Always remember that your name is valuable. Build it up and make it worth something. May it be that people smile and thank God for you whenever your name is mentioned. A good name is a positive Life Legacy and will serve you well in your personal and professional life!