November 1, 2019

Bill Blalock



Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another.” …Romans 12:10 [KJV]

How valuable are relationships? All too often we treat relationships very poorly. I have heard it said many times, “If mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy!” Well, successful, healthy relationships are not one sided. All to often I have seen men exhausted, frustrated, and emotionally void and ready to give up because their whole focus was to make “their wife, girlfriend, or partner and everyone in their orbit happy”!  For women, when you have a narcistic, demanding husband/partner, the same applies. It does not work! In each case, both are miserable and suffer. If married with children, the whole family suffers!

To be successful in a relationship [married or not], each partner should serve the best interest of each other! If you treat others like you want to be treated, and vice versa, you have a winning combination. Always seek the best for each other. Be honest, open and supportive always! If there are disagreements, discuss your options and together find the best solution.

It’s when we seek to make the other person in our relationship/family responsible for our happiness that we miss the mark. It has nothing to do with masculinity or feminism. It has to do with a commitment to the concept of relationship, seeking the best interest for each other period! Anytime you stray from that, you enter into conflict.

Successful and healthy relationships are to “compliment and honor each other” not to be demanding or controlling over the other, which is “conflict” People can change if they desire to.

If you find yourself in a constant “conflicting and miserable” or abusive relationship and the pressure continues to mount, seek professional help from a Psychologist or Licensed Professional Counselor.

Remember: Preferring one another is the key!   It goes both ways!