December 27, 2019

Bill Blalock



“Remember who you are doing it for!” … Bill Blalock

Every time we hear this phrase we immediately think of physical fitness. That’s just the way we are programed to think and respond. The first thing that comes to mind is to “lose weight.” It’s more than that. Here is a balanced approach for being “fit” in your life. It comprises three components:




Let me explain it this way:

First, our physical wellness drives a significant portion of our overall well-being. It impacts our self-esteem. It demands that we get involved in a regular exercise program and a diet that is balanced and proportional. The proportional aspect is extremely important. There are various prepackaged meals that are in proper proportion to your weight loss objective. Do a Google search and you will find many prepackaged meal plans as well as the new app.  Seeking guidance from a registered dietitian would also help. Set your weight loss goal, begin both exercise and proportion control and you are off! If you are obese and have medical issues, please consult with your physician about your plan and get his sign off. Losing weight, building muscle and strengthening your core will result in you having more energy and a higher probability of a healthy lifestyle!

Second, the by product of your physical “fitness” will aid greatly in how your work through life events. Adequate rest is essential, so you need to get 6-8 hrs. sleep daily. If you are tired, restless and lazy, you will tend to avoid needed changes in your life and you will essentially get “stuck in a rut!” Being emotionally fit is thinking through and responding to life events with meaning and purpose. All directed to a positive outcome. If you have extreme difficulty in processing life issues, please consult with a professional therapist or psychologist. Most people can make progress in this area, if you put your mind to it and take action!

Third, there is the spiritual aspect of our lives. How we relate to ourselves and others is a direct by product of our relationship with our God! Your meaning, purpose and values are all driven by exercising your faith on a consistent basis. Attend services regularly, pray/meditate, volunteer, get involved. One of the strongest benefits of exercising your faith is hope! Beyond ourselves, we have a strong sense that we are not hopeless in a world of complexity, conflict and detachment. Being spiritually fit will impower you to sustain your physical and emotional condition as well.

All combined [ Physical, Emotional & Spiritual], you have a recipe for success ! Are you physically, emotionally and spiritually fit? Where are you on this journey?