March 28, 2020

Bill Blalock



“I think it’s really important that we understand that we share this world and we’re connected to it”… Tim Hetherington

As we take time to observe our surroundings when we are confronted with a deadly virus, we begin to have a fresh perspective of how we are all connected.

While walking yesterday I observed a young boy who had climbed up a tree and was sitting on one of the branches. I once did the same thing in my younger years, and it made me feel liberated. What joy that experience was and must have been for this young man. A father, possibly unemployed was walking with his little daughter as she picked up a stick and then proceeded to pick a flower from a bush. Moms with strollers, children on small bikes with training wheels, joggers, people walking their dogs, children riding their scooters, people strolling and in small groups maintaining their distance but still in conversation. In all these observations – around 2pm in the afternoon on a Friday, everyone was smiling, addressing each other with a smile.

In some cases, I would just smile, not say a word and the other person would just look at me, making eye contact and smile in return and even express to me “ Have a good day!”

Just in the space of one hour, a multitude of people who I will never know, connected with me in a small space, expressing joy and kindness with a simple smile or word of encouragement. That’s the best of who we really are.

In times like this when there is so much fear and for some panic, goodness still prevails. So, please do not loose hope. As bad as this virus is, it will pass in time. We all need to be responsible and following the guidance of professionals, but at the same time, live a life of love, compassion and connectedness and celebrate this wonderful life and surroundings God has given us!

Celebrate the goodness of life this day and every day!