November 3, 2020

Bill Blalock



“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”…Bobby Unser

We all go through life trying to “figure it out.”  We see people who have achieved success in the public domain and in their professions and we ask ourselves: Why not me?

In many cases we are waiting for something significant to happen which presents an opportunity. But we will never have the opportunity if we are not prepared and have become a part of a network of professionals. Almost all great opportunities come your way through professional networks.

What is your professional network?

Who is in your network? Do you stay connect with them?

Have you stayed the course in a specific defined industry?

Would you consider yourself an  “expert” in your field and/or industry?

Do others see you in the same way as you perceive yourself?

Networks are the pathway to opportunity!  Stay in your lane. Pick an industry where you can be a part of a network of professionals, i.e. banking, technology, medical, legal, consumer goods, marketing, communications, broadcasting, etc. DO NOT, just seek a job for the sake of income that is not in a defined network.

What are you waiting for?