April 8, 2023

Bill Blalock



My mission has always been to improve our life experiences so that we all have a meaningful and purposeful life.  My new book MASTERMIND YOUR LIFE, is a compilation of various resources, content from leading experts such as Jim Collins [Good to Great], Simon Sinek [Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action] and my personal perspective on how you can have a successful life. I even incorporate the impact of technology [ AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Quantum Computing, to mention a few] and the digital transformation of the work environment.

Here I share a few reviews of my new book from for your consideration in hopes that you will secure your copy and begin your journey – and the journey of your kids and grandkids – for a successful life. As Justin correctly states “It’s about 10 books rolled into one! “:

Amazon Customer Reviews:


Excellent, quick paced, life planning overview

Reviewed in the United States on April 3, 2023

The purpose of this book seems to be to provide a ton of content very quickly both encouraging and equipping a person, especially a young adult, to set out on purposeful life planning. It’s about 10 books rolled into one. I don’t think the author’s intent is to get very deep on any single point, but rather to show you how to think about all of your professional life choices. I intend to give this book to young adults I know that are preparing to begin their professional life. Plan and execute purposefully.


Kelly Moye

Resource of wisdom for today’s confusing world – a “sherpa guide” perspective on life’s journey

Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2023

I’m a voracious reader of business and personal development books, and this one is a winner. This is a real resource for people who are facing the uncertain world we live in today, a “sherpa guide” perspective that most will find insightful, but for different reasons.

The author starts with a helpful look at what “success” is (for you as an individual, not society’s “definition”) and takes the reader through a pragmatic and step-by-step orientation to the job interview process, and how to determine if a company is actually a good fit. This is, by itself, a good reason for young people to read this book. I suspect many people in the middle of their careers would find this helpful as well – knowing yourself and how your goals (might or might not) match up with a company can be a difficult task to unpack, since it is a complex topic to consider.

The author also introduces the idea of a “mastermind” group, essentially a number of people who can help keep the individual on track and serve as mentors and sounding boards while on the journey of life. This is a helpful idea that I have personally used – but not using the label of “mastermind”. Again, young people (and many in the middle of their careers) may not appreciate the wisdom of having guidance like this. Establishing your own personal brand is good advice in today’s world.

The book also takes a good look at the future, and how technology will change not only careers but the world we live in. It is a platitude to say that technology is changing everything, and certainly many are seeing their personal lives change as a result. What is particularly important here is how the author gives perspective about important and fast evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, the meta verse and others. He also ties these developments to how people need to be thinking ahead and preparing for a world that is changing exponentially. After all, the world is changing faster than it ever has before and having a “sherpa guide” for the journey helps deal with the uncertainty.

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